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Chocolates Sold by the Pound

All chocolate on this page sell for
$ 26.00/Pound.

Order in Pound Quantities.


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Chocolate Coated Cordial Cherries

Blueberry Cream Truffles

Dark Chocolate Coated Chocolate Caramels

Dark Chocolate Coconut Clusters

Milk Chocolate Coconut Clusters

Dark Chocolate Maple Creams

Dark Chocolate Orange Creams

Dark Chocolate Coated Orange Jelly

Dark Chocolate Coated Orange Peels

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Creams

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Jelly

Dark Chocolate Thin Mints (peppermint)

Dark Chocolate NonPareils

Milk Chocolate NonPareils

White Chocolate NonPareils

Dark Chocolate Pecan Caramel Clusters

Milk Chocolate Coated Cordial Cherries


1836 Country Store
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