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Gift Packaging and Baskets



We now have two gift food packages available.

Click image below to take you to this page.

Click here for food gift packages

You can choose any food or other merchandise and we can make a similar gift pack for your and wrap it with our special paper displayed below on this page.

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  • We can gift wrap and/or include our post card (with photo above) with any purchase that you make, free of charge. We can place your choice of sayings on the card; please specify in the comments section of the checkout page, by email, or call by phone.
  • See image below for gift wrapping paper.
  • For an assortment of decorative baskets you can click the images to the right (below), to take you to that page of baskets. We can gift wrap for you, or you can wrap yourself at home.
  • We will also be offering an increasing selection of pre-designed gift packages.
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This is the special gift wrap paper that we use. It contains drawings by the New England artist Clark Goff: drawings of our 1836 Country Store and Norton House.


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12 X 10 Inch Baskets

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9 X 7 Inch Baskets

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16 X 13 Inch Baskets

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22 X 10 Inch Baskets


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