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As the 1836 Country Store our intention is to offer great customer service on a personal level.

Items found at the 1836 Country Store retail store can be found here online and if you don't find it here online please know that everything in our store is available by mail order.

Please feel free to ask. Calls by phone work better than emails.


Table Top Linen -- Kay Dee
Maple Syrup and Cheese
General Food Items
Fudge, Chocolates, Candy
General Merchandise
Clothing & Things to Wear
Gift Packaging, Baskets & Boxes
US & Historical Flags
Map and Directions
The Norton House

A little background: The 1836 Country Store and the Norton House have been in the mail order business for more than 40 years. We no longer publish a paper catalog and sell by mail over the internet. The 1836 Country Store started selling on the internet in 2008 with a direct purchase website. The Norton House (my mother's store) has been selling online for more than 15 years and continues with a direct purchase website. The sales for the 1836 Country Store were not high enough to justify all the website costs and the credit card merchant account, which are quite high for a small business. In 2009, I changed the website to a call by phone order option and our sales were even higher than in 2008! What is driving our website mail order business success are established customers and new customers. The concept is clearly working by this method and we feel that we can offer better customer service by telephone then by direct purchase. This allows us to check and verify that things are in stock and answer any questions that you might have in real time.


Thank you for your support!

1836 Country Store
Mail Order, PO Box 578
28 West Main St.
Wilmington, VT 05363
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