1836 Country Store

Wilmington, Vermont

Since 1868, our family has been tapping the 4,000 sugar maple trees that grow so magnificently on our 400 acres in the pure, crisp air of the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont.

--The Corse Family



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The maple syrup grade system does not imply that fancy grade A is better than other grade A syrup or that grade A is better than grade B. In actuality, going from grade A light, to medium, to dark, to grade B is just a difference in the darkness and strength of the flavor.

It is only a matter of personal preference.

The syrup emerges from the trees in the month of March, first as light and then gradually darkening as the season goes on.

Fancy and grade A vs. grade B are only marketing strategies of the industry, as more of the darker syrup is harvested than light.

For this reason, years ago, they chose these names to charge a higher price for the grades that are produced least (supply and demand). Now you know the truth!

Choose the darkness you like best and don't be concerned about the name.

As they are all good, and similar, any one will do for most people.

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Very Dark
(the darkest)

$ 8.98
$ 8.98
$ 8.98
$ 15.98
$ 13.98
$ 13.98
$ 26.98
$ 25.98
$ 25.98
Half Gallon
$ 49.98
$ 49.98
$ 49.98
$ 89.98
$ 87.98
$ 87.98
$ 87.98
Although, not traditionally certified as organic, our Vermont Maple Syrup is organic and kosher.

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